Top 5 Reasons to Invest in Wildeye

The Top 5 Reasons to Invest in Wildeye

Have you ever had an inspiring conversation with someone you admire?

Our Founder and CEO, Ted Cohn, worked for Steve Jobs at NeXT and had a conversation with him that changed his life.

Ted was very fortunate to have that opportunity, but what about the rest of the world?

How can the everyday person connect with influential people as Ted did with Steve? The odds of reaching them directly are practically zero.

Influencers want to help, but the bottom line is, they’re too busy. Millions of their fans want the thrill to meet, learn and get advice from those they admire, and many are willing to pay for it.

That’s where Wildeye comes in. We’ve created BidToTalk, a marketplace app that connects fans and influencers for private 1:1 video calls, creating access where none existed before.

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Thanks to equity crowdfunding, you can become an owner of the company and share in our planned success. Here the top reasons you should consider investing in Wildeye.

1) We’re Solving a Big Problem

The influencer industry has skyrocketed in recent years thanks to social media, with the largest influencers often surpassing A-list celebrities in follower counts.

Today over 3.8 billion people (almost half the world’s population) actively use social media according to We Are Social’s Digital in 2020 report, and it’s growing at over 9% annually.

Over 126 million influencers, each with a minimum of 1000 followers across YouTube, Instagram, and TikTok (source: http://tensorsocial.com) currently serve that market, creating content on a regular basis that educates and entertains.

The problem is that millions of influencers are inundated by daily requests from billions of fans, but they don’t have time to reach everyone.

Fans on the other hand want to reach influencers but have no means to break through the noise for the attention they seek. 

Influencers are often looking for new ways to monetize and leverage their growing fan bases to support their creative work. They also want to connect with fans to improve engagement, but conveniently, safely, on their own terms, and without much additional effort.

Wildeye’s BidToTalk marketplace allows creators, athletes, professionals, and personalities to capitalize on their growing influence by making specific time slots available for video calls with motivated fans, charging a fixed fee (and soon auctions) to speak with people when convenient.

Our technology handles search, payments, auctions, scheduling, security, video calls and recording. Fans get access to influencers, and influencers get a new, easy way to monetize.

The company is focusing on, but not limiting itself to, supporting the highly engaged group of influencers with between 1,000 and 100,000 followers who are building their channels and seeking new ways to monetize. This represents 80% of the market.

“Early investors in Wildeye,” said Diane Cohn, President & CMO, “see our vision and our incredibly massive opportunity. They want to help make this happen with a potentially enormous upside.” 

2) Timing—Leveraging Demand for Human Connection

Our timing couldn’t be better. COVID throttled human interaction in 2020 which has only exacerbated the demand for connection that is deeply ingrained in our human psyche and culture. People are social creatures and need social interaction to survive and thrive. 

The marketplace we’re creating will increase human connection during these unprecedented times, now and into the future.

Fans look up to influencers on social media to guide them with decision-making.

Creators and influencers on social media typically build their reputations by sharing knowledge and expertise on specific topics. They create and post content to their preferred social media channel(s) and generate large followings of enthusiastic, engaged people who pay close attention to their posts.

Many fans will reach out to influencers to get advice with specific challenges they’re facing via comments or livestream questions. Unfortunately, they often can’t break through because there are so many other fans competing for attention. And sometimes, the question isn’t something they feel comfortable asking in public.

It’s not uncommon to scroll through the comment stream of popular influencers and see a fan offering to pay them for their time. BidToTalk creates an easy, safe way to do this.

“We created a marketplace,” said Cohn, “that lets people bid or pay for video calls with influencers, athletes, professionals, creators, or anyone who creates a profile on BidToTalk.” 

And the beautiful thing is, influencers have a natural incentive to encourage the 3.8 billion people who use social media to join and connect with them on BidToTalk. 

It’s a win-win in a massive market of influencers who get a new, easy stream of income to help support their work, and fans have a pathway to speak to those they admire. 

Our mission is to connect fans and their role models for a unique experience they will remember for the rest of their lives and to make a profit facilitating that connection.

We’re offering you the opportunity to invest in a marketplace that can rapidly become a leader in the 10 billion dollar influencer industry.

3) Network and Bandwagon Effects

We plan to leverage the network effect that influencers have with their thousands to millions of followers. The significance of this can’t be overstated.

Most influencers today routinely ask viewers to “like, share, subscribe, and visit my membership site” with every post, a call-to-action that drives results. We are offering BidToTalk to influencers as a new service to promote because they win, their followers win, and Wildeye wins. 

As more influencers and fans learn about and use BidToTalk, the network effect can spawn what’s called the bandwagon effect, where more people virally and organically join, forming a powerful, positive feedback loop.

4) A Team That Delivers

Our founding team has been working together successfully for over 30 years.

CEO/CTO Ted Cohn was a software developer for high-profile companies and startups such as Apple, Excite, and Barnes and Noble. He worked for Steve Jobs at NeXT and has authored ten patents over his career.

CMO/President Diane Cohn has been a digital marketer for luxury brands such as Apple and Chase International and is an emerging YouTube influencer with over 850,000 views.

Wildeye enjoys a top-tier advisory team, we have some talented hires in the works, and just about everybody we talk to loves what we’re doing.

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5) Going Public Sooner

Wildeye is planning to go public in 2021 on the OTCQB, with plans to move to NASDAQ later down the road. The idea that companies should remain private for many years until “ready” to go public is outmoded. 

What many people don’t realize is that companies can go public at any stage, which offers distinct advantages. 

Benefits include wider access to equity and debt financing, stock options to attract, retain and reward team members, improved industry reputation and credibility, easier to complete acquisitions, less dilutive stock acquisitions, increased shareholder liquidity, and reduced business risk. 

Invest in Wildeye on Wefunder

Funding the future is one of the most important things you can do to help fuel entrepreneurship and advance humanity. Such contributions promote an ever-evolving world by supporting innovations that have the potential to be revolutionary.

Investing in a startup like Wildeye means that you can be part of something bigger, and it allows you to participate more fully in the journey ahead, and own a piece of the American Dream. Crowdfunding democratizes equity ownership.

We are excited to be live on Wefunder so YOU can be a part of our journey. 

Explore our campaign page, ask questions, and let’s bring back meaningful human connection. 

If you have any questions, please reach out.