Take Your Company Public

Are you ready to go public?

Find out if your business is a good candidate for going public. Learn what must be done to prepare and how to orchestrate a successful public offering in today’s competitive market.

Take Your Company Public

Growth-minded entrepreneurs are fundamentally better positioned to capitalize on opportunities, navigate through obstacles, and reduce business risk when their company is publicly traded.

Why go public?

Take Your Company Public
  • Do you want to generate substantial shareholder wealth?
  • Are you worried about capital running out when you need it most?
  • Do you find it difficult to recruit top talent at a reasonable cost?
  • Are you concerned about venture capitalists controlling your business?
  • Do you want to increase your company’s viability and reduce risk?

I have taken nine companies public and am presently engaged by eleven others. I can guide you through this exacting process.

What does it take to go public?

During our private consultation, I’ll ask a series of diagnostic questions to determine whether a public listing can provide a material net benefit for you, the entrepreneur.

It’s important that you understand the advantages, disadvantages, timeline, and costs before engaging a firm to take you through this process, which I will fully explain.

  • You’ll find it easier to raise capital as a public company.
  • Stock options offer a powerful incentive for potential recruits.
  • You’ll have more tools to negotiate acquisitions once you go public.
  • Going public gives you the opportunity to create massive wealth for shareholders.
Should I take my company public?

What results can you expect?

By the end of our private consultation, you will know if going public is a good fit for your business, how long it takes, what it costs, and what you’ll need to do next to pursue this strategy.

My firm additionally partners with select entrepreneurs to plan and manage their entire public listing process. If you seem like a good candidate, we can discuss this as well.

My name is Joel. I’ve been an analyst for two multi-billion dollar money management firms in New York City, a partner at the largest independent investment banking firm in Canada, a founder of three public companies and consultant to many others.

I’ve been involved in initial public offerings, direct public offerings, direct listings and reverse mergers that have enabled entrepreneurs to raise $250+ million, acquire $100+ million in assets and employ 15,000+ people.

Go Public Joel Arberman

It’s shocking that the option to go public is still such a mystery to a majority of business owners today.


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Go Public Package

10-Month Package $49,997

This package is for entrepreneurs who have decided that going public is the right move for them and need a seasoned expert to guide them through the entire process. To purchase this package, please contact us or call +1 (833) 945-3393.

Private Assessment

2-Hour Consultation $1,197

This option is for you if you’re an entrepreneur trying to decide if going public is a good option for your company. You will learn what it costs, time requirements and what you’ll need to do next.

Get concise, first-hand knowledge and advice about the process of going public.

You’ll get extremely valuable, personalized, real-word advice tailored for you that simply can’t be found anywhere else online.

Speaking directly to me is the most efficient way to quickly understand if your company is a good candidate to go public, what the current process is, how long it takes, what it costs, and how you need to prepare should you decide to pursue this strategy.

Should I Take My Company Public

Your investment is 100% risk-free. If you don’t like what you hear in the first 30 minutes of our initial call, stop the conversation, let me know, and I’ll refund your money, guaranteed.

Don’t delay—availability is limited.