Make Home Buying Decisions with Clarity and Confidence

Are you worried about making a bad move in today's ultra-competitive housing market?

Go from being stuck, anxious, or confused to making sound real estate investment decisions with clarity and confidence so that you can achieve the lifestyle you want.

Don’t leave your biggest investment decisions in the hands of commissioned salespeople—Get expert assistance strategizing the largest purchase and debt commitment of your life, from an independent, third-party professional devoted to you.

Do you feel anxious about investing in a home?

Frustrated Homebuyer
  • Do you worry about buying a house at the wrong time or buying the wrong property?
  • Are you concerned about overpaying for a home, being priced out of the market, or losing money if the market goes down?
  • Do you fear being stuck in one location, trapped by 30 years of long-term debt?
  • Is it tough to move forward due to analysis-paralysis? 
  • Are you unsure of where to start, worried about hidden problems, or wondering if you should even buy a home?

I've helped hundreds of home buyers make prudent decisions about real estate—providing the clarity and confidence they need to achieve the lifestyle they seek.

  • With expert guidance, you’ll stop worrying about making a bad choice at the wrong time.
  • You’ll save money by learning how to get the best value from any situation.
  • You’ll save time working with someone who knows exactly what should be done next.
  • You’ll reduce uncertainty by learning how to balance financial versus personal factors.
  • You’ll feel good getting a strategy and a plan that moves you toward your lifestyle goals.
  • You’ll get unbiased, high-integrity, expert advice without any commission conflicts.
Happy Homebuyer Consulting Client

Put my 10+ years of industry expertise to work for you—as a dedicated expert and neutral third-party with a premium coaching package.

Happy Homebuyer Coaching Client
  • On our first call, I’ll assess your current situation through a series of diagnostic questions, help you understand the macroeconomic factors, and make recommendations for how to move forward.
  • On subsequent calls, I’ll review your progress, address any new issues, and provide further guidance that will help move you toward your goals.
  • Discussions often bring to light issues to watch out for, what’s normal versus what isn’t, questions to ask your lending and realty professionals, specific resources pertaining to your situation, and creative ideas to move you closer to your goals in a competitive market.

Working with me, you'll go from feeling fearful, stuck or confused to making sound investment decisions with clarity and confidence so that you can achieve your lifestyle goals.


Coaching Calls Scheduled at Your Convenience

Power Mover

3-Month Package $1,197

This is the package for you if you’re a busy entrepreneur or professional, serious about purchasing a home in the next 1-3 months, or if you’re thinking about selling your home with plans to purchase another one and want help navigating a tricky market. 

Decision Clarity

1-Month Package $497

This package is for you if you’re an investment-minded professional trying to decide whether to buy a home now or wait, or if you’re concerned about market conditions, thinking about relocating, worried about the many unknowns and need help navigating a competitive market.

For less than the cost of an appraisal, you can get valuable, expert advice, tailored to your situation, that could save you hundreds of hours of time and thousands of dollars of mistakes.

Or you could pay too much, buy at the wrong time, miss an expensive defect, buy in a bad area, choose a problematic loan, or never move forward due to fear and uncertainty—it's your choice.

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Find your certainty in today's housing market.

Schedule your personalized, one-on-one, expert coaching call package today. You'll get tailored, professional advice that simply can't be found by searching the internet.

Your investment is 100% risk-free. If you don’t like what you hear in the first 30 minutes of our first call, stop the conversation, let me know, and I’ll refund your money, guaranteed.

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