Expert Onboarding

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Thank you for joining Wildeye!

 To get started consulting, we’ll need you to complete the following (green) tasks. If you have ANY questions, don’t hesitate to reach out to us for help.


  1. Please read and sign Wildeye’s expert consulting agreement (via HelloSign).
    We’ll create your private Google Drive for us to share information and send you a link.
    We’ll upload your stock options grant with vesting schedule for your records.
    We’ll invite you to our Slack workspace so you can chat with Wildeye staff and other experts.

  2. We will invite you by email to become a contractor associated with our QuickBooks Online account to get paid.
    • Sign up for a free QuickBooks account.
    • Complete IRS form W-9.
    • Enter your banking information.


  1. Please upload a 640x480px or greater headshot photo of yourself to your new Google folder. Please use a non-distracting background and capture your head and shoulders in business casual attire with good lighting.

  2. Our copywriter will schedule a time to speak with you to help decide on packages and develop marketing copy. We’ll need your review of their work to ensure accuracy and hone the offer further if necessary.

  3. Please film and upload a high quality, 30-90 second selfie pitch video (landscape orientation) in mp4 or mov format to your new Google folderWe’ll provide you a script and instructions, then we will edit the video for production.  We may ask you to re-shoot if not quite right.

You are selling your time and expertise speaking with clients who need your advice, problem solving skills, brainstorming prowess, and possibly your network contacts if that’s appropriate.

We will work with you during onboarding to prepare call packages starting at $497 or higher. We like to offer clients two or more packages to choose from. The first is typically an expensive multi-call package over a few months, versus a second lower cost package of one or a few calls.

We reduce even prices by $3 to spur sales, e.g. $1,000 becomes $997.

Your hourly rate is up to you, however, all packages must start at $497 which can include one or more calls. It’s advisable to publish a higher hourly rate than your package call rate, so that buying a package gives the client the perception of a better deal purchasing your package.

We run payroll the first Monday of each month covering funds earned the previous month.

We charge 30% which covers marketing costs, AcuityScheduling fees, Zoom fees, payment processing fees, and other infrastructure fees, plus our overhead for support, recruiting and more.

Our policy permits customers to request a refund within the first 30 minutes of their first call of their package.

If they don’t mention this in the first 30 minutes, we recommend you pause to ask if they are satisfied with your call so far and wish to continue. This is their last chance for a refund. We want them to get a taste of working with you. 

If they are satisfied: Thank them and continue the call package as offered.

If they are not satisfied: Be friendly and professional. It’s not a fit for them. Don’t take it personally. Thank them for their time. Tell them to contact support to request a refund (less a 3% refund fee) and say that you will let Wildeye know as well. 

Yes, in most cases! We are a lead generation tool for you.

However, since they are initially our clients, you may not solicit them to primarily offer one or ongoing calls with the intent of taking Wildeye out of the payment loop. You may work with them if you are placing them, say, or performing consulting work that does not primarily include communication, such as producing a work product.

The clients you attract on your own are yours, and you are free to charge them as you choose.

Please review the consulting agreement for details.