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Seeking a way to serve

Our journey begins.

Ted Cohn worked remotely as a software developer for 16 years, and wanted to connect with mentors to help him with his consulting business. Diane Cohn was a YouTuber who noticed that big creators had fans with unanswered questions, some even offering to pay to speak with them.

Ted & Diane Collaborating
Ted Developing Software
Disruption turns to inspiration

Covid as catalyst.

During the pandemic, video calls became the norm for people around the world. One of Diane’s YouTube subscribers approached her, offering to pay her for personalized, expert real estate advice. The lightbulb went on, she and Ted collaborated, and Wildeye came to life.

Bringing the vision to life

We created a prototype.

Seeing that people wanted to connect with influencers but couldn’t due to too many requests, we also found influencers needing to monetize, who liked connecting with fans, but conveniently and safely on their own terms. So we created a BidToTalk, a marketplace where people could pay for private video calls with influencers.

BidToTalk Reach the Unreachable
Ted & Matty Video Call
Funding our startup

Raising seed money.

In Q3 2020, we secured $38,200 in private capital, and in Q4 2020, we ran a successful equity crowdfunding campaign on Wefunder, raising over $270,000 seed. During this time, we brought influencers on board to test the prototype and provide feedback. We learned many valuable lessons that led us to develop the expert consulting platform you see today.

On the path to going public

Just getting started.

Serving the $130 billion consulting industry, our team of insanely talented experts offer premium, personalized solutions to painful problems that can’t be solved by simply searching the internet. When you need skilled advice, tailored to your pain points, try Wildeye.

Our talented team is here for you.

Ted Cohn

Ted has 30+ years of experience in consumer software development and worked for Steve Jobs at NeXT. He's developed cutting-edge products for numerous companies including Apple, Barnes & Noble, Ugobe, and he has been awarded 10 patents.
Diane Cohn Wildeye President CMO

Diane Cohn

Diane has 20+ years of experience in digital marketing for luxury brands, including corporate communications at Apple and digital strategy at Chase International. She's also an emerging YouTube influencer with over 850,000 views.
Curtis Sasaki

Curtis Sasaki

Product Advisor
Former VP & Head of Product Management at Samsung, VP Sun Web and Customer Experience at Sun, Apple, NeXT, General Magic.
Bob Christopher

Bob Christopher

Strategic Advisor
Diamond Edge Ventures, Director of Innovation at Panasonic, CEO Ugobe, Robotics, Entrepreneur, Business Development, Operations.
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