Who are we?

We’re Ted and Diane Cohn, Silicon Valley expats, empty nesters and entrepreneurs with a passion for technology, real estate and YouTube. 

We’ve moved a lot over the years with our family in tow—from Silicon Valley to Lake Tahoe to Reno to Puerto Rico and back again, with a bit of nomadic living in between.

Our biggest challenge is committing to just one place because there are so many wonderful communities to choose from in the United States.

We’ve lived in a lot of amazing places, but where do we go from here?

american dream home
Seeking the American Dream
american dream home

We’re exploring the best places to live in America for personal freedom, liberty, happiness—and we want to help you do the same.

We love discovering new places and meeting new people, but we know the stakes are higher now. Supply chains are breaking down, the world monetary system is destabilizing, and governments are mandating injections, lockdowns and vaccine passports.

Many people are angry and feel justified telling others what to do with their lives without knowing anything about them at all, which we find deeply disturbing. Sometimes moving can provide a better community fit. 

Although there’s no perfect place, there’s always a best place.

We help you find your best place to live and connect you with great real estate agents who can help you secure the right property so that you can live your best life in a community you love.

Join the Journey

We’re on the hunt for our forever home—a place where we can grow food, keep chickens, befriend neighbors, and enjoy life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness that our Constitution provides.

This can be in a big-city suburb, a small town, the country, we don’t know… But, we are the only ones who can make this dream happen. 

To live life with freedom, we knew we needed to start a business that would grow and prosper, while still remaining true to who we really are.

So we combined our desire to find the best place to live in America with Diane’s experience as a successful Realtor, Ted’s deep technology expertise and our YouTube video-making obsession. 

We’ve created a real estate referral company that connects you with a savvy, knowledgeable real estate agent, selected personally for you, when you need to move anywhere in the US, Canada or Puerto Rico.

Make your best move.

We’re on a journey to find our best place to live in America, and we’d like to help others do the same. So follow along on our YOUTUBE CHANNEL as we explore the possibilities.

Ted & Diane Collaborating

If we can help you achieve your lifestyle dreams, then it's been a good day.

Ted & Diane Cohn